Adobe has over the years consistently offered creative utility software that bridge the gap the between artistic dexterity and digitally programmed enhancing abilities. The latest in the line, is Adobe Post, which is yet another addition to the company’s iOS first app suite.

Given the innumerable number of digital picture enhancement apps in the market for social media addicts, Adobe has tried to bring in its own share of expertise to the existing array of apps.  Using Post, users can transform pictures, text or graphics into visually appealing works for sharing on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Post was officially launched on the Apple App Store earlier today.

Adobe hopes to target the small and medium enterprises who do not have the tools to use the high end software for creating media campaigns. Post has been developed in such a way that it is easier for the layman without the technical knowledge of a Lightroom or Photoshop to get the desired results. Post offers a set of built in templates that enhance the picture or text with appealing colours.  Users can even combine two images, fonts or text with high degree of customisable options.

Post has an easy to use user interface that shows templates and a bunch of import options on the home screen. Once the picture to be enhanced is selected, Post presents a series of colour palettes based on the pictures colour tones. Users can modify hue with the Design Filters and add or change text using Magic Text. Post comes preloaded with 35 different font styles and offers advanced options such as line spacing and alignment preferences. Users have the option of even choosing the border and background shapes for the text.

Choosing auto recolour tool, users can add or modify colour to the text, image or graphic. There are a few image filters readily available, which offer quick modification of the image.  Adobe Post is mainly meant for enhancing pictures within a short of time for the social media.

The latest iOS offering from Adobe follows the other apps in the ‘storytelling’ suite. Voice and Slate were previously launched by Adobe solely for the iPad. While Voice allowed stitching together recorded audio with visuals, Slate was a writer’s creative lightbulb, allowing anyone to create feature length stories using iPad.

Users expecting Photoshop features out of Post will be surely disappointed as the app is limited in its capabilities. Even the size of the canvas is predetermined and users will have to work around a square canvas. Adobe is however, considering the addition of varied aspect ratios that match the vertical pictures taken from a smartphone.

Adobe revealed that during the testing phase of the app, users mainly used Post for creating Social media posts, inspirational quotes, event invites, album covers, email newsletter graphics, announcement posters, blog banners, business graphics, photo captions, and adding text on photos.


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