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iPhone 6S Takes The Crown For The Most Trending Consumer Tech Product In Google’s ‘Year in Search’ List

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The curtains will be down for 2015 soon, in a few weeks from now. In the era of Google, what better way to list out the prominent news makers of this year than to acknowledge the top trending searches on the platform? Google has done just that and released a list of the top trending searches for 2015.

The company that made headlines this year by becoming a subsidiary of the newly formed entity Alphabet Inc., announced earlier today the list of global trends and released its “Year in Search” list. The search engine giant has complied a series of lists such as trending Searches, Global News, People, Movies, Sporting Events, Movies, TV Shows, Loss, Music Artists and last but not the least Consumer Tech. Each category lists the top 10 searches of this year that grabbed the curiosity of the people the world over.

How much does the results represent the top trends of the world is debatable as users in countries such as China, Russia, South Korea and Japan rely on other search engines instead of Google. As the company counts only those searches trending on its platform, the preference of the four countries might not be taken into consideration after all. Never the less when it comes to top Consumer Tech search, Apple takes the crown with its latest version of iPhone.

The iPhone 6S is the top trending consumer tech product according to the list. Cementing the sheer dominance of Apple for this year are its Apple Watch and iPad Pro that stand at number three and four on the list. With three Apple products in the top five, the Cupertino giant reigns supreme in terms of brand placement and interest among the consumers. Placed behind iPhone 6S is Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung with its Samsung Galaxy S6.

The latest edition to Samsung’s flagship smartphone range hit the market in April this year and has managed to tail Apple’s flagship product on the search list. The two companies seem to have tied as the top trending consumer brands as both have three products each on the list. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy J5 are placed at number 6 and 7 on the list. But Apple’s versatility is clearly evident as its iPhone, iPad and smartwatch make to it to the list. Rounding off the top 5 is LG with its 5.5 inch, 16 MP, G4 smartphone.

HTC One M9, and Google’s own Nexus 6P are placed at eight and nine respectively. At the end of the list is the once industry leader Microsoft with its Surface Pro 4 that does deserve a spot on the list. The most worthy product to come out of Microsoft in recent years, grabbed the attention of the consumers with its sleek design and superior performance, which is slated to outcompete even the MacBook Pro.

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