Google announced on Thursday, that itss Photos service will now allow you to create collaborative albums. The feature will be available for Android, iOS and the Web and will allow your friends and family to contribute into your digital graphical memories.

Photos was first announced way back in May during this year’s Google I/O and has since been highly appreciated by critics across the globe.

Until now, you could easily share images and albums with anyone, anywhere by sending links over SMS, email or messaging apps via Google Photos. Using the feature launched today, people who you have shared the album with will not only be able to view the album, but they will also have the option to add their own pictures/videos to the collection.

Each user will also get a notification when a new photo or video is added to the album. You will also be able to save photos and videos from a shared album to your Google Photos library.

Moreover, there is no external setup required or no extra app needed to be installed, you just need to log on to Photos, select the media, create an album and start sharing the link. Also, the service is cross-platform, so it doesn’t matter which OS you or your friend is using.

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