Uber’s getting into one more country today — the beautiful, nature-filled nation of Sri Lanka. After India (which is now one of Uber’s largest markets globally), Sri Lanka will be the second South-Asian nation to get Uber’s services — pretty much shedding light on the importance emerging economies have for the US based upstart.

Sri Lanka has over a million credit cards and 11 million debit cards. Over 20% of the population is on smartphones, making the country an ideal market for world’s most-valued tech startup to launch in. Uber says that it has launched the services in response to “massive demand” from Sri Lankans — which came after the company ran a test run of its services in the capital city of Colombo. Secret Ubers first rolled onto the streets of Colombo as part of the company’s initial testing phase in late October.

Today, uberX is available in over 200 of the 360+ cities that Uber operates in. The company claims, that data from other cities with uberX service, such as New York, shows that the efficiency driven by the Uber platform helps drivers earn more while keeping fares affordable for riders.


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