Google Calendar gets the addition of a new feature that helps set reminders about important events and appointments. Google calls the new addition to Calendar as ‘Reminders’.

Reminders feature will work along with the Google Calendar Events feature, the company stated in a blog post. Users can add this feature in other Google services such as Gmail’s Inbox, Google Keep, and Google Now. To set reminders users have to just say OK Google and set up the reminder details through voice instructions. Users can also set up a reminder while they are checking mails or typing notes in Google Keep. The reminder will then be synched with Google Calendar instantaneously.

Google explains that the difference between Events and Reminders is that the former is deleted irrespective of whether the event was attended or not. Reminders on the other hand shows up in Calendar until the task is accomplished — and yea, that’s pretty much the literature difference between the two, so nothing new here Google!

Until a reminder is completed users will be notified of the task by a message displayed on top of Google Calendar. Once the user has finished the task, the reminder can be swiped away from notification area. If you feel that this is a bit irritating then you can set the Reminder to a later time, similar to Events.

With Reminders, users can sync additional information such as phone numbers and addresses directly through the Inbox. Reminders can also look for information from Contacts and Google’s knowledge graph to add extra information about an event that can prove handy in times of need.

Next on Google’s agenda is to add Reminders to the web version of Google Calendar. “You might already create calendar entries to remind you to call the doctor or pick up groceries on the way home. But while those entries come and go, Reminders stick with you over time so you can track them until they are actually done. If a Reminder isn’t completed, it will appear at the top of your Calendar the next day. And the next. When you do finally call the doctor or pick up those necessities, just swipe the Reminder away … and you’re onto the next to-do.”

The Reminders feature will be launched for the Calendar on Android and iOS platforms later this week. For iOS users the latest version of the Google Calendar will have a new 3D Touch feature through which users can create events or reminders.

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