Remember Creative Labs ? Its Facebook’s internal incubator which made a few not-so-noteworthy apps like Slingshot, Riff and anonymous chat app Rooms. Apparantly, Facebook has realised that its plan to work like a startup within a large company and imitate something sort of a Google X Labs isn’t working anymore and hence Creative Labs is shutting down.

And it isn’t just the labs — a lot of more fan-fared apps it rolled out — photo-sharing app Slingshot, anonymous chat app Rooms, and collaborative video app Riff, are all shutting down. While the reasons haven’t been made public, it is obviously dearth of a substantial user-base which led to these apps’ downfall.

And even though Rooms and Slingshot did manage to create an initial buzz, it did not prove to be enough.

In a statement given to CNET, a spokesperson told that elements of the shuttered apps had been incorporated into the main Facebook iOS and Android applications. It is unclear though, considering Facebook doesn’t really offer anything of that sort on any of its platforms.

The other two notable apps coming out of Creative Labs include Paper and photo-sharing app Moments. Both of them do have a good presence and while Paper has a small but significant user-base Moments has garnered more attention — thanks to the massive publicity Facebook did on its own platform.


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