Last October, we saw iOS get the Adobe Premier Clip which is the stripped-down mobile variant of Adobe’s full-bodied video-editing software. It was a long wait for Android users but finally, the creativity giant has released the video-editing mobile app for Android.

This free software is now available on the Play Store. We wouldn’t go and say that it’s the best one in its genre, but it is decent enough.

The app can basically use two modes. One is the automatic mode in which you just add in your video clips, images and music and let the app do the magic. And to be honest, this mode works great. The second and more flexible way to use the app is opting for manual editing.

In this, you can select the files you want and then go through placing individual files on a timeline with respect to the audio track. You can also add other sound effects, transitions between two clips or pictures and much more. It’s just a matter of drag and drop, place and erase here to get the video up and rolling like you wish.

While the whole setup is quite good, there are a few flaws in it. For instance, it seems unnecessary to sign up just to use the app and that too providing the folks at Adobe with your date of birth. It’s also not convenient to have to go through every single folder on your phone, regardless of its contents, just to get your media resources imported.

You can’t set the transition times, it’s a one size fits all approach there. Also, due to the lack of place, the layout looks kind of rushed which can be improved with future updates.

After you are done editing, you have many options. You can publish directly to the Adobe community for the world to view, send your creation to Premiere Pro to pick up where you left off in the mobile app, save to your local gallery or Creative Cloud, or even publish directly to YouTube.

While the software is great, it’s kind of plain and simple and is meant for people who just want to create something magical from their media content. It is not, however, for serious video editors and media people as there are other softwares out there that are better than this one.

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