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No one (and literally no one) better than the current crop of 2G/3G/4G data pack owners in India can relate to how precious mobile data is for us. Well, Google has a relief package for all of us — an updated Chrome browser for Android which can now save as much as 70% of our precious mobile data.

And yes, as is the case with most data saving techniques out there, images will be the one crunched by Chrome on Android automatically — as and when it detects that you’re on a rather slower connection. Google has explained this further via its blog post :

Now, we’re updating this mode to save even more data – up to 70 percent! – by removing most images when loading a page on a slow connection. After the page has loaded, you can tap to show all images or just the individual ones you want, making the web faster and cheaper to access on slow connections.

So thats pretty clear upfront. If you’re on a slow connection, important information will speedily load up, while you can choose to load images later.

And there’s more good news ! Guess which countries are the first one to get this feature ? — India and Indonesia. Yay ! more data saving for us internet-hungry-and-starved-at-the-same-time people @

This however, isn’t the first time Google is helping you more of your data.

In January last year, Google had introduced something called an ‘optional data compression’ feature — which could help you get back over 50% of data which you might have wasted in loading unnecessary scripts and content on a web page.

The latest update is hence actually an improved update to that earlier Data Saver feature release.

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