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A Startup And A Cricket Enthusiast At The Same Time ? MemiLog Is Organising A One-Of-Its-Kind Startup Cricket League Just For You

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In a country where cricket is a religion, and startup is soon become “the word” everyone talks about, it sounded really exciting when Memilog, a startup based out of Hyderabad told us about this new kind of event, ‘Startup Cricket League’ —  conglomeration of two of India’s biggest buzzwords as of now.

And while MemiLog told us earlier that the event would be organised soon, it is actually happening now, on the 5th of December, in Hyderabad. You can know more on the event’s Facebook page here.

Startup Cricket League (SCL) is a cricket tournament played among 16 Startups, celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship, that is being conducted in Hyderabad, on the 5th of December, by a young yet aggressive Startup called MemiLog.

So what’s the story behind this event? Here’s what the organizers of the event had to say,

A few months ago, we did a little event in Hyderabad called “MemiCricket”. It was to celebrate our one-year anniversary. The event on its own turned out to be a huge hit, with some 200 odd people turning up and many asking when the next one’s gonna be. Well, the time has arrived to experience the same ethos, but on a whole new scale.

But then comes the larger question, why do it? What’s in it for startups? Here’s what folks at Memilog say,

A lot of people ask us that question. Well, we just happen to have a very strong company philosophy of creating amazing experiences for everyone in general, and sharing memorable moments with them, that they can look back to and smile at.

There are many reasonable reasons for us to do this event. First one being that we have done something similar before, and want to do it again, just on a whole new scale. Another reason being that, we want to create a new way to experience the Hyderabad Startup Ecosystem, specially for those from outside that are not that familiar or involved with it.

Based on that description, you must have assumed that this event is only for those from the startup community. But turns out that the event also targets the young aspiring entrepreneurs of this nation as well.

The organizers plan to have, what they call, “Internship Buckets”, where you can just fill an application form and submit it to apply for any internship programs provided by any of the startups present or participating in the event. If you are a student from Hyderabad, you can grab this opportunity to find out and interact with various interesting Startups from your city. This might even turn out to be your gateway to launching your career in the field that interests you the most.

All in all, this looks like a fun event that diverts from the traditional format of a typical Startup event, which consists of long seminars and serious pitching sessions, and instead creates a fun environment where you can just chill, have some beer, play cricket — while also interacting with potential partners, investors and employees.

Even the costs for the audience tickets are extremely affordable. The ticket price for a Student Pass range from a paltry₹200 (late) and for a Non-Student Pass is₹300 Rs (late).

So mark your calendar and book your tickets right now, for you don’t want to miss out on all the fun happening on 5th Dec at KVBR Stadium, Hyderabad.


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