And the first Android Wear smartwatch to support mobile data is being rolled back. LG announced earlier today that its latest offering for the smartwatch segment, the Urbane 2nd Edition LTE is being shelved for now due to a hardware issue.

The technical details of the problem have not been revealed by the company as of now. LG has not specified either whether this device will relaunched sometime later.

The device, which hit the market barely six days ago will now be pulled from stores with immediate effect. LG has assured the existing buyers that the technical problem does not pose a threat to the users.

Late in the quality assurance process for the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE, our engineers were made aware of a hardware issue which affects the day-to-day functionality of the device. After further investigation, the decision was made to cancel the rollout of the Urbane 2nd Edition LTE due to the complicated nature of the issue,

stated a representative of LG to Android Police, adding that “there are no safety issues or concerns with the product.

The Urbane 2nd Edition LTE was the first Android Wear smartwatch which allowed users to connect the device to the internet through mobile data, without having to take the help of their Android smartphone. The device was launched with a built-in LTE functionality and was the first Android Wear watch to run the latest version of Android OS, the Marshmallow.

Apart from the many firsts to its credit, the device boasted of multi-function buttons, and was even equipped with a speaker and video call feature.

The device was launched on the US market less than a week ago in Verizon and AT&T stores. The smartwatch has been taken off the list from the respective websites of Verizon and AT&T.

Whether the device will be available in the future will be decided at a later time. For now, our top priority is to ensure that only products that meet our very specific quality standards are available for purchase.

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