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Google Rolls Out A Fresh Look For Its iOS App

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Ever since Google rolled out those revamped card design for its apps, the Alphabet search subsidiary has been revamping its apps across platforms, to provide a more unified user experience to its users. Taking a step further in that direction, Google has today revamped its iOS app with the cards design coming in.

Interestingly, Google had released a new update just two days back, wherein the company described the app improvements as merely “fresh look and feel.” This new update, which you can download from the App Store starting now, has been renamed to Google App from Google Search and is largely about a visual refresh.

For example, the app now features cards — an experience completely new for iOS users but familiar for those on Android platform. Google Now cards are now organized by sections that the company says “make it easier to scan for the info you need.”


The cards have been arranged in a very straightforward manner, timely info—like upcoming flights, appointments, and traffic updates—will show up first, while less urgent cards—like suggestions for videos and articles—will be lower down your feed. However, you still can not arrange them on your will — a downer which even Google’s own Android platform has. Why ? Well, Google perhaps knows that all of its users require information arranged that way only.

For NBA and Soccer lovers, Google has also added “easy to navigate” search results for NBA games and soccer matches. Game info, team news, and league standings are all available, including up-to-the-minute box scores.

To set up, you can follow the usual procedure you follow while setting up teams on Google Now. However, reviewers are reporting a few issues with specific teams, so we aren’t really sure as to how well it works. Nonetheless, its a welcome addition.

You can take a drive at the app right here. Let us know in the comments as to what you think about this new update.

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