India’s leading telecom provider, Bharti Airtel has partnered with DataWind, to provide mobile internet access at affordable prices in Nigeria. DataWind deals with bolstering internet connectivity in developing nations and emerging markets by offering internet connectivity at low prices.

Bharti Airtel operates in Nigeria as Airtel Africa and is one of the four major telecom providers in the country. Datawind’s partnership with Airtel Africa in Nigeria marks its entry in African continent.

DataWind Chairman, Raja Tuli stated that –

This new partnership and our entry into Nigeria represent an additional new milestone for DataWind following our success in India. Partnering with Airtel to deliver Internet access demonstrates our continued ability to gain the support of major network operators.

It is reported that in Nigeria close to 88 million people, which is 48% of its population, lack basic access to the internet.

DataWind reveals that it accomplishes its endeavour of providing low-cost internet to the deserving through patented, cloud-based technology. This innovative tech means that the overall bandwidth consumption can be reduced considerably. In this way it is able to provide broadband-like Internet speeds even on 2G networks.

Raja Tuli further stated that the partnership with Airtel Africa will benefit the company in the long run and will help in establishing its firm footing in the region. He further stated –

We are currently in discussions with a large retail chain and an online retailer, and expect to formalize these relationships over the next few months.

DataWind also intends to offer internet access initially bundled with its low-cost tablet computers and smartphones. The company is currently in the process of launching an app that is device-independent and will help improvise connectivity conditions in the region.


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