Google has now announced a new concept in the world of Compute Engines via this blog post. The new feature has been dubbed Custom Machine Types and will help you to get access to just the perfect size of a virtual machine in the Google Compute Engine public cloud.

You can create machine types with as little as 1 vCPU and up to 32 vCPUs, by increments of even numbers of vCPU. For memory, you can choose up to 6.5 GiB per vCPU. Combine different number of vCPUs with different memory sizes to get the best possible price/performance fit for your workload. If your needs change, you can move your application to another configuration.

writes Google product manager Sami Iqram.

The new service will allow more flexibility for the Google Compute Engine. This is something the other major cloud infrastructure providers lack currently.

In the coming days, Google Compute Engine users will see the Customize option when they open up new instances in the Google Developer Console. Here you can simply slide a bar to adjust your virtual cores and memory until you get what you need.

Windows support hasn’t yet been made public but you can use the new service on Debian, CentOS, CoreOS, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu operating systems.


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