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Last year, Yahoo made a 5-year deal with Mozilla to set Yahoo as its default search engine in Firefox. A year later, the web giant has announced that it has launched an exclusive new user interface for people in the US using its search engine with the Mozilla Firefox browser.

You will not get this revamped UI if you query the same search on another web browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

The new interface makes web searches more interesting by surfacing movie information from IMDb, movie tickets from Fandango, music from iTunes, photos and reviews from Yelp and Trip Advisor and sports statistics from Yahoo Sports and other important stuff that matters. You will also find public Flickr images if you opt for an image search and could even come across your own Flickr images if you’re signed in to your account.

We saw a unique opportunity to reinvent the header and bring image and video results front and center,

Yahoo vice president for search distribution Mason Ng wrote in a Tumblr post on the news. 

Now, when you search with Yahoo for famous people and movies, you’ll see a beautiful strip of related videos and images across the top of the page.

The design could soon see porting towards other browsers too. But it’s unclear as to when the web giant decides it’s time to give other users the same treat as their Firefox customers. It’s not a whole lot different from the current UX, but it has its own perks. Whatever the case, for now, the new UI is exclusive to Firefox owners alone.


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