Known for its low-priced yet powerful gadgets, Xiaomi has today brought its second wearable into the market. While the company’s first wearable, the Mi Band, was a huge success and brought Xiaomi into the second place in the wearables market (before the launch of the Apple Watch), the new Mi Band Pulse holds a lot of expectations of its own.

To be honest, we believe that it deserves the hype. The new wearable brings in a few new features that matter onto the table which will surely impress you.

Track your steps: check, track your sleep: check, set alarms: check, ring out notifications: check, track heart rate: double check. Yes, the Pulse is capable of tracking your heart rate as previously speculated. The device uses a photoplethysmogram (PPG) to track your heart rate which makes it slightly larger and bulkier than its predecessor.

The device, Xiaomi says, will support all devices working with Android 4.4 or up and iOS 7.0 or up (starting iPhone 4S). The band will cost you only $15, which is just $4 more than the predecessor currently and according to the tech giant, it will initially available only in China, as part of the country’s massive 11/11 Singles Day online shopping festival.

Global sales can be expected soon just like how the original Mi Band retails in the US, Europe and India.


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