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Google Play Services SDK Gets Fresh Update, Introduces Single Tap Sign-In Process

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Google Play Services software development kit (SDK) is getting a freshly brewed update – the version 8.3, released earlier today. Google made the announced in a blog post and introduced the features that come with the update.

With this update developers ease the sign in process to users into apps.

A big part of this release is focused on user identity. We’ve revamped the Sign In with Google APIs to make implementation simpler and provide users a streamlined experience.

In the previous version, Google added that users had to deal with a series of steps in order to sign in to their account. The latest version removes the hassles by replacing the stringent authentication process with a single tap operation that allows for basic profile access.

Apart from easing out the sign in process, the new version also offers a new Fused Location Provider that makes use of GPS, Wi-Fi and the phone’s radio signal to locate the user and provide an easy to use API.

We’ve made some improvements to the FLP when it comes to batching. Prior to version 8.3, the batch location APIs would allow the FLP to save power by consolidating network traffic, but when an app removed a batching location request, the batch would be cleared,

wrote developer advocate Laurence Moroney in the blog post.

Version 8.3 is all about ease of access to the developers. Now the developers can also prioritize the data that has to be synced between two devices. Its App Invites tool also gets simplified so that developers can send in invites to their friends relatively quick.

“Now, you can use theAppInvite.AppInviteApi.getInvitation() method. This will set up a Result Call back that you can use to launch your deep link activity, drastically simplifying your code.”

The sign in process also provides a one tap auto fill for sign-up form that takes care of all the details using frequently used email ID of the user. This feature offers a significant improvement from its predecessors as it allows users to skip the email verification process by using the pre-verified email address in the hint.


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