Taking cues from Apple, Google may soon start using custom chips on its smartphones to make the fragmented Android universe more competitive with markets like the iPhones’.

The Information reports that the web giant has already had discussions this fall with major microchip manufacturers regarding these custom chips. Google will then, apparently, use these chips to bring new features to its Android smartphones.

While the Nexus phones will be the line-up which will be most benefited by this new approach, it could well affect other Android smartphones made by Google’s key partners.

This is because Nexus phones run pure stock Android and Google has the most control over these phones, both on hardware and software. The addition of a custom chip could in fact make the Nexus phones somewhat special in the world of almost similar Android phones.

While the custom chips could mean anything from better hardware and software security, more flexible privacy, new unique features etc, it will be interesting to see how Google actually brings about this new approach.

Whatever the case, the custom chips approach could strongly affect Google’s relationship with the major producers of Android smartphones. It could even start a cat and mouse chase to see which manufacturer gets the most out of the custom chips approach.

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