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Your Flickr Photos Will Now Show Up In Yahoo Search Results

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The Flickr client for iOS saw a new update that brought support for 3D Touch and improvements to Spotlight search. Just a day after this development, Yahoo has announced that its image results will now include Flickr images too.

The web giant said that the new personalized search will work if you are signed into your account on the photo social network. If you run a search then, the system will display the publicly available photos that you have uploaded on Flickr that match up with that criteria, along with images from people you follow and top public photos.

This is similar to how Google searches have been known to display pictures you’ve saved on Google+. It could also be considered to be Yahoo’s attempt at further integrating the search capability that already exists within Flickr. Flickr searches allow you to find similar images to what the new Yahoo image search will provide.

As a part of this improvement, you will now no longer have to go to multiple places to look for any type of image that you need to view or save.


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