Facebook is rolling out a new feature into its platform called Music Stories, that has been designed to help users discover music a lot easier.  With this new feature friends can search new tracks and share the number with their friends.

Facebook has integrated Music Stories with the popular music platforms Spotify and Apple Music. Music Stories provides a 30-second preview of the song to the users via Spotify or Apple Music. If the users like the song Music Stories also provides the option of purchasing the song or even saving it on either of the two music streaming platforms.

As for now Music Stories is available only on Facebook’s iOS application. Depending on the response from the users it might be available through other platforms as well.

Expressing their excitement on collaborating with Facebook, Spotify’s Head of Global Business Development Jorge Espinel stated “We’re excited to be a part of Music Stories with Facebook and provide Spotify listeners with a more engaging and simple way to listen to, discover and share music they love. Music Stories are a great way for people to continue bringing Spotify into the conversation on Facebook.”

Facebook has always found newer ways to increase social interactions on the virtual space and what better way other than through music. Facebook hopes that by sharing music users are also leveraging artists in the independent circuit, who otherwise might go unnoticed.

Though Spotify or Apple Music still remains the source of the music, Facebook is merely proving a channel for people to connect through music. It might not be surprising if Facebook decides to launch a version of Spotify of its own. This one is still for the distant future, but for the present Facebook is trying to bring every aspect of entertainment into its platform.

Music Stories could also be Facebook’s response to Apple Music’s Connect in a small way. It’s a win-win situation for the composers and artist as there are social network platforms providing exposure to music in better ways than ever. Artists through their Facebook pages have tried to increase their reach, but with Music Stories they have better ways to market their music.

Users can access Music Stories by copying the song link and update it as your status. Then the feature creates a 30 second sample of the song.


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