Flagged off by PM Modi almost immediately after he took over the reigns of a falling Indian economy, the #MakeInIndia campaign has gained massive following, both with corporate honchos Modi has met, and the social media.

In yet another signs of how PM Modi’s innovative social media marketing stint is paying off, the #MakeInIndia campaign has become the first non-US brand to get its own Twitter emoji on one of world’s most active social networks.

The announcement and release of this new emoji came after a visit by India’s minister for commerce and industry, Nirmala Sitharaman, to Twitter’s global headquarters in San Francisco where she met Twitter’s newly-confirmed chief executive Jack Dorsey.

Talking about this meet, Twitter said,

[We discussed] the importance of India as a strategic growth market, and how Twitter’s platform can be used to promote the country’s brand to the rest of the world.

#MakeInIndia, as most Indians and even foreign nationals are already aware, is Indian Government’s massive push to project India as the most viable, most business-friendly manufacturing hub across the globe. It also gains importance from the fact that labour costs have suddenly started rising in the current manufacturing center of the world — China, while the world’s second largest economy continuous its tumultuous economic journey.

For Twitter, this small emoji launch holds much more significance. While India will soon surpass the US to become Facebook’s largest market by userbase, Twitter is yet to get a firm standing in the country. A report by The Hindu, which came out in January this year, said that Twitter accounts for just 17 percent of social network users in the country.

Also, India’s smartphone market is the fastest growing in the world, with even the biggest phone makers jostling in to get a pie of this untapped smartphone market. Looking at this, and the fact that 80% of Twitter’s users are from mobile, India obviously becomes an important market for growth for the company.

Meeting Twitter is a part of Modi Governments continuous efforts to reach out to new-age companies in the US, and urge them to set up major base stations in India to provide employment opportunities to world’s youngest nation by average age.



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