Last week, the Apple TV was available online for preorder for those of us who wanted to get our hands on the new Apple hardware as soon as possible. If you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity the Cupertino had provided, there’s nothing to worry about as the Apple TV is now available in retail stores for you to buy.

The new Apple TV is unlike its predecessor in more ways than one. For instance, the previous gen Apple TV was just a hardware set-top-box connected to your TV which integrated apps like Netflix, HBO and Hulu as well as your own iTunes library of content.

The new one, on the other hand, offers its own apps, created by third-party developers, to offer endless possibilities with the way you compute on your TV. Also, you get an amazing new redesigned remote control which can be used for different applications based on the service you are using.

The remote control is fitted with its own accelerometer and gyroscope for motion controls on games and also houses a touchpad for sliding control over skipping back or ahead. In short, you get a lot more functionality via the new controller than the previous generation’s.

Other exciting features of Apple’s very own entertainment hub include universal search, voice control and Siri integration.

If you’re interested in getting the Apple TV, head over to your nearest Apple Store or you could even get a unit through Best Buy or Target. The 32GB model can be bought for $149 and the 64GB model is available for $199.


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