Tech companies feed off each others advancements, as is evident from the past and the present patent application by Xiaomi to use pressure sensitive touch screen in its future devices. The pressure sensitive tech works similar to Apple’s 3D touch tech released with its latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

The 3D touch has caught rapidly both with the consumers and manufacturers. In a short span of time two smartphone manufacturers have filed for patent along the lines of 3D touch display.

One being Xiaomi, the other being Samsung that filed for a patent at the beginning of this month is reported to have been granted the patent by the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

As of now Huawei and Apple smartphones have been equipped with 3D touch displays, while Samsung and Xiaomi products are touted to be the  next in line to come with the pressure sensitive touch screens.

Apple has made everyone take notice of the 3D touch tech through its new iPhones.  The pressure sensitive display is capable of recognising taps and differenciate between deep and shallow press. Its been named 3D touch because of its ability to display output based on different forms of pressures applied to the screen.

Apple’s arch-rival is also keen on jumping into the boat, but in a different avatar. Its pressure sensitive touch screen will be using a controller known as Synaptics. Xiaomi’s patent might be inspired from either this or Apple’s 3D touch.

It isn’t out of the ordinary to see Xiaomi following Apple’s footsteps. It has been known to do it quite well given its past records.

Just for the sake of comparision Xiaomi’s MIUI OS burrows a lot from Apple iOS. Its latest the MIUI 6 shares a lot with iOS 7.

Soon after the launch of iPhone 6S and 6S plus, users have found new applications of the touch screen. Its intended benifts include a sneek peek into emails, with just a tap, and drawing pictures with your finger. Thanks to a developer in Paris, you can also weigh Plums with your new iPhone.

That last one is made possible thanks to a developer who lives in Paris. Simon Gladman has developed an app called the Plum-O-Meter, which takes the applications of the 3D Touch technology to a whole new level. The app is designed to give a weight measurement of the objects placed on the smartphone’s screen.

New users might find better applications to this touch screen of the future that might be on every major device by the end of next year.

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