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Microsoft Opens Up New Flagship Store At New York’s Famed Fifth Avenue

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New Yorks fifth avenue will now have Apple and Microsoft stores on the same lane as the latter announced the opening of its flagship store at 677 Fifth Avenue. The store will open its doors tomorrow and tech lovers can bare witness to some Apple vs. Microsoft on field battle on the same lane.

Making the announcement David McAughan, COO for Microsoft retail and online stores stated,

We have a mandate towards exposure as we are trying to be a showcase for the brand.

The flagship store at the most famed avenue in the world is of five floors and a full 22,270-square-foot in size. The numbers make it the largest store among the 113 odd retail outlets operated by Microsoft. The company has gone to extra lengths to ensure a positive customer experience.

This includes a tour guide cum Microsoft representative who will provide visitors with a hands on experience with the products on display at store. Microsoft has been advertising that visitors are free to touch and try products at the store.

As it appears, each floor specializes with a product range. Like for instance the ground floor houses tables and chairs on top of wood flooring that resembles a library to encourage visitors to just relax at the store. On one of the top floors visitors can try out latest Xbox games and any new additions and accessories to the console.

For us it’s about sitting down and educating you,

McAughan says.

It’s very similar to test driving a car. It’s one of the reasons they’re so keen to get you into a car; once you do, you’ll fall in love with it. We want to get deep into that conversation of what it’s capable of, why this would work in whatever use you need.

Throughout the store Apple’s hallmark is quite evident and hard to miss if you have visited its store, specially the one that happens to be on the same lane.

Microsoft under the helm of Satya Nadella is shedding its reserved nature. No longer are visitors limited to just seeing products from a distance. With the new store you can touch, try and get a hands on experience with the Microsoft products.

It remains to be seen whether this new winds of change will benefit Microsoft’s growth strategy or not.

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