Google upgraded the Chrome earlier this week, adding and subtracting a slew of features, including Chrome’s desktop notification centre that was retired from Version 46. In a move that comes as a surprise, Google has decided to say not OK, to its OK Google hotword detection feature.

OK Google was first incorporated into Chrome in Version 35 that was released in May last year. Ever since then OK Google has been a staple feature in all the subsequent versions of Chrome. Google has commented on its decision to scrap the feature and stated that as not enough people were no longer using it, the feature has been taken out with the latest version.

Though Google tried to match up with Cortana and Siri with OK Google for Chrome, it simply wasn’t accessible and available at all times. The feature only worked when users visited, very unlike its counterpart for the smartphones. On the desktop version, it would be just lying dormant in the virtual space, until woken up by users. OK Google may have been wiped out from Chrome for desktop in entirety, but users can still do voice search by tapping the microphone icon from the New Tab Page or on

Google may revive the feature in the future in the form of an extension. That is still wrapped in speculation.

The move affects Windows, Mac and Linux users, but Chromebook and Chrome for mobile can continue to surf using their voice.

Users will no longer will be able to say OK Google on the desktop version of Chrome with the release of its Version 47 that is likely to hit the market by next month.

With OK Google gone out of the picture, voice search fanatics can turn their attention towards Cortana and Siri, who are all ears to listen to their user’s voice 24/7.


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