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Online Website Maker Weebly Announces Carbon, A New Website Maker With In-Built App Center

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After helping over 30 million people create and run their own virtual portals, website maker Weebly has launched a brand new version of its unique website making platform. Being hailed as ‘Carbon’, the platform is being described by CEO David Rusenko as the “first big step” in a new direction.

Weebly Carbon is going to cater to several key issues that users had to face while making websites with previous versions. The Carbon for example, includes an App center that has ready-made solutions to several problems faced by people involved with developing websites for various purposes.

Weebly has built this app center while keeping the fact that almost two-thirds of the company’s customers are entrepreneurs, in mind. As such, the place includes several pretty cool options to cater to their virtual needs. For example, those marketing physical goods are now allowed to let go of their shipping woes with the Shippo app that is available on the app center along with 39 others acroos a range of categories.

As per David Rusenko,

With Carbon, it’s not like we’re going to build everything,

However, he did went on to add that the Carbon version was set to project Weebly as a place,

Where you can login and find a one-stop shop for running and growing your business.

Weebly, which describes itself as something that is helping you “Bring your vision to life“, is doing pretty well on the business side too. Websites built using Weebly are generating over 250 million visits every month, and the company still hasn’t felt the need to break into the $35 million Series C fund that it raised last year — retaining a positive cashflow.


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