Cortana, Microsoft

Microsoft’s Cortana, a personal virtual assistant named after the character in the Halo franchise, has found a new ability to access your professional data from the world’s largest social media platform for professionals, LinkedIn.

Cortana will be able to seek your LinkedIn information — thanks to a new deal between Microsoft and LinkedIn. Announcing their prospective virtual partnership earlier today, Microsoft stated that Cortana in Windows 10 will be able to assist Windows 10 users in scheduling meetings, setting reminders about their schedule on LinkedIn. The virtual assistant can tap into the info provided by LInkedIn users to update them regarding their professional schedules.

In order to do all this, Cortana has been given the power to access the user’s Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10. By syncing data from your daily schedule updated on Mail and Calendar, Cortana sets reminders in Windows 10 so that you never miss that crucial meeting.

Its functionality is not limited to just meetings, as Cortana can even set reminders related to job role, company, and the all important  ability to connect on LinkedIn directly.

Windows 10 users can enjoy the fruits of this partnership by connecting their LinkedIn account to Cortana. Only after Cortana is authorized to access your professional profile can it set reminders about your schedule.

As a truly personal digital assistant, Cortana is there to help people get things done, and like a real assistant, works with experts to help you accomplish a wide range of tasks. Today we’re excited to announce that Cortana is ready to make you even more connected and informed by working with LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network.

Microsoft further added that through Cortana users can view the LinkedIn information about the people they are scheduled to meet complete with the meeting details such as time and venue.


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