Tesla’s New Model X Comes With A Bio Weapon Defense Air Mode To Give You ‘Hospital Level Air Quality’

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Tesla’s latest take on the automobile front is here and it looks both bold and beautiful. The car, Tesla has named the Model X, comes in with all the comforts that you could ask for and more. The SUV can boost from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds and will be available for $130,000. The dashboard is all digital with an amazing interface and a massive touch display. The falcon doors, the beautiful finish, the extravagant premium feel of the car, everything seems pretty… Tesla.

But there’s one thing in this car that we haven’t seen in any other automobile yet. In addition to the standard safety features on the Model X, the SUV also includes a bio weapon defense air mode which, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, “gives you hospital level air quality” inside the vehicle, when activated.

The mode can be activated through a button on the in-dash display and will pump the Model X’s HEPA air filter to maximum power. Musk says this will be enough to get rid of toxins from biological weapons. Though the company hasn’t been able to test out the feature completely because of trouble getting hands on an air testing sensor capable of detecting a measurable amount of particles, it’s still a great feature to boost the sales of the car. I would surely prefer riding this vehicle in case of an impending apocalypse.

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