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Popular Ad Blocking Extension, The Adblock Plus Now Available On iOS Platform

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Your (and mine too !) favourite extension to block unwanted pop up ads, the Adblock Plus is now available for iOS users through the Safari browser.

The popular extension on Chrome and Firefox has over 50 million active users as of now. Though its other close neck competitor AdBlock shares a common name, it has substantially outdone similar products on the market. AdBlock is its only note-worthy competitor with over 40 million active users.

Adblock Plus is the product of Eyeo’s that seems to have found a niche through its ad blocking softwares. Its Adblock Browser is a standalone browser that has similar abilities like its speciliazed cousin to block ads.

Eyeo stated that “Adblock Plus for iOS works in the mobile version of Safari and will help save data, protecting yourself from malvertising, enhancing your privacy, and saving your battery.”

Thanks to iOS 9’s new found ability to block unwanted content, including pop-up ads Adblock Plus can be integrated into the platform, though with some lengthy setting up required to kick start the app.

Since Safari is the default browser on iOS platform Adblock will together with the native browser to block “any annoying ads.”

Adblock Plus also has an Acceptable Ads feature which allows its users to manually block certain URL’s. They can also choose which website should be spared from the Adblock’s harsh deathnote.

After the lauch of the new iOS 9’s with the ad blocking feature various other ad blocking apps and extensions such as Crystal, Purify Blocker, and Blockr have foreyed into the platform. Adblock believes that it will stand out from the rest thaks to its unflinching popularity on the Firefox, Chrome and IE browers for PC and Android.

Adblock Plus for iOS is available for completely free on Apple’s App Store. It’s a way to block ads on your Safari browser on Apple iPhones and iPads,” stated the company on its blog.

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