Microsoft, Azure

Microsoft announced earlier today that a new Azure Container Service will be launched into the market soon and users will be getting a sneak-peek into service by the end of this year. The new service will be integrated with Apache Mesos and a few open-source features of Mesosphere, the company added.

Those in India with strong inclinations towards Microsoft products can now add another service to their list, as Azure has been made available in the country.

Specifically, Microsoft has chosen Pune, Chennai and Mumbai as its data center regions for the Central, Southern and Western states of the country. The current expansion means that over 24 regions across the globe can now access the platform launched in 2010 for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of datacenters managed by Microsoft and its partners.

Microsoft – like it always does – has clubbed Azure with its off-shot cousin the Office 365 and Dynamics CRM, to be launched early next year.

Azure is also getting a few pre-configured templates for its Azure Internet of Things (IoT) suite, along with an Nvidia inspired graphical processing units aimed to turn Azure into a graphic-intensive visualization center. The N Series has been built to match the latest Nvidia Grid 2.0 technology. Though other players in the market such as Amazon Web Services launched its graphical processing unit in 2010, Microsoft has proclaimed that it deserves to be called the first “hyper scale provider” that offers the latest Nvidia technology.

The slew of updates coming from the Silicon Valley behemoth are not limited to Azure as the company touched upon the furiously growing domain of IoT with an announcement of a new certification program for third parties and their customers assuring them that their sensors, software, and gadgets will be functional with the IoT suite.


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