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There seems to be something seriously wrong with Facebook. Post that healthy interaction with PM Modi, the site is down, its second time in less than 10 days.

As of now, I could access Messenger — but then it is a separate platform now and doesn’t really connect with Facebook.

Our viewers are also reporting, that the site is down on both mobile and desktop, and they are getting that familiar “Something went wrong” message :

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 12.55.08 am

Last time Facebook went down (almost a week ago), it took quite a lot of time to be back up. As we write, the site is still down. We’ll update with more info once we receive any updates. Stay tuned.


Facebook seems to be back up, at least at our end. Most of our viewers are also reporting that the service is up. Nothing from Facebook on the issue though. Let us know if the service is still down at your end.

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