He may be playing…well..honestly one of the more muter roles in Big Bang Theory, but Actor Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh Koothrapalli in BBT) is pretty much active in the startup ecosystem, and has hence invested in a private photo application Shoto.

Shoto, a private photo application which allows users to share photographs and create private or public albums, has received funding from Kunal Nayyar, who is well-known for playing the role of Raj Koothrappali in American sit-com The Big Bang Theory. Along with him, Real Ventures has also invested in this round.

The company has raised a total amount of $1.5 million in this round. Shoto will look at partnerships with carriers, OEMs and event managers, wherever there is a great scope for getting and sharing photos among a group of people.

Shoto is a way to pool and share photos with friends and family. Once the pictures are uploaded to the app, it tells how many photos were taken with friends or family members and easily lets users share those photos and also allows to create private or public albums.

People take photographs whenever they attend an event or go for holiday with friends. But, it’s hard to collect photos from friends as everyone will upload it on different platform. This app aims to solve this problem by providing a single platform for sharing photos.

Shoto also supports aggregation of photos. It pools together all the photos posted on Twitter and Instagram using the selected hashtag, so that users don’t have to search across different social media platforms.

The platform is powered by Amazon Web services and provides unlimited storage. It is currently available on Google Play and App Store. The company is currently not planning a Windows version of the app. So, if you are a Windows Phone user, don’t expect it anytime soon. It supports native languages like Hindi, Mandarin, French, Spanish along English.

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