It’s been a week since Apple’s Trojan Horse-subterfuge-app was quietly put in place on the Android PlayStore. The app in question, named ‘Move to iOS’, helps Android users switch to the iOS platform without much of a hassle.

This ofcourse isn’t the only app launched by Apple on Android. It already has Beats Music, which happens to be the only other app apart from MTiOS, representing the company on the rival platform.  

Within a week of its launch the app has garnered a few boo’s coupled with a thumbs down from the users. The app — contrary to popular perception — isn’t aimed at converting existing Android users into iOS fanatics, but is rather a handy switch-over assistant that assists Android users while setting up their iOS devices initially.  

So, the app is only for the lucky few who have the distinction of holding an iOS and Android devices in their hands. If you wish to transfer your existing data from Android to iOS then this app might come in handy. The app runs on  Android 4.0 and above for tablets and smartphones.

Move to iOS relies on a WiFi network to transfer your precious files between the two devices. Users can either restore their data including iTunes from iCloud or iTunes backup. The users even have the option of transferring data directly from their Android devices. .MTiOS app also helps in setting up their new iPhone. (Expect a similar, Android app for the iOS soon).

Through this app one can tranfer literally all the data that includes: photos, videos, messages, contacts, email accounts, calendars, and web bookmarks.

Though the app helps transfer all your data, it does not assist however, when it comes your favourite paid apps installed on Android.With MTiOS, one can only move apps that are free. In case of paid apps, you have to suffer the bane of having to download the apps from the App Store, and install it afresh on your new device.

As if to help you put a final nail in the coffin, the app suggests you dump your old phone on its free in-store recycle service, devouring its competitor ergonomically!.

After the transfer process the app fades away into oblivion, while you get to figure out your new iOS. If you wish to dump your Android for a iOS, then Move to iOS can help you get the job done, neat and tidy, without leaving any trace at the crime scene.



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