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Google Rolls Out ‘Block Sender’ And ‘Unsubscribe’ Features For Android And Web Versions Of Gmail

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Google has today started rolling out two new features for its users on Android and Web versions of Gmail. Both the features were highly anticipated and are essential for any Internet user to have a good experience. The features are called ‘Block Sender’ and ‘Unsubscribe’.

While Unsubscribe was already available to web users since a few months ago, Block is a whole new concept in the Google Mail service.


Block Sender will allow you to stop receiving mail from a sender you do not wish to keep in contact with by blocking their email address, although all the mail sent by a blocked user will be redirected to your Spam folder for future assessment.

The feature was available in most of the major social networking and communication platforms and it was only a matter of time until it landed on Gmail. You can also unblock a person if you change your mind and want to start receiving the mail from them again.

Unsubscribe is actually older than Block, at least as far as Gmail is concerned. This feature enables users to opt out of mailing lists, newsletters and other reoccurring emails. The feature will now be available on the Android app for Gmail.

Both the new features have started rolling out for web and Android starting today.


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