Apple users are updating to the company’s latest mobile operating system iOS 9 at twice the speed that they adopted iOS 8, according to analytics firm Mixpanel. While some users had a bit of a starting trouble initially considering that they had to port from bug-filled betas and all, the adoption rate still stands high at just under 12 percent after a mere 24 hours.

The latest version of iOS was released just yesterday and from then, it has been rampaging around the globe like a wildfire. Here’s the analytics report as plotted by Mixpanel:

Suhail Doshi, CEO of Mixpanel, says that iOS 9 is growing very fast when compared to last year’s iOS 8, two times faster to be precise. The reason could probably be that consumers, for the first time from Apple, got public betas that made them familiar with the new features of the upcoming OS and in tune to the release schedule.

Another possible reason could be that iOS 9 weighs just about 1.85 GB which is less than a third of the size of iOS 8. This allows users to download the software faster and at lower costs. Companies are also pushing iOS 9 updates for their apps at high speeds.


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