Google had introduced a mobile application for budding startups last year. The application, named Primer, was focused on providing startups with content and online marketing, search engine optimization and other Google specific tools to help them reach out to a wider audience by providing basic lessons in the various domains of digital marketing.

Revamping the app in a whole new way and broadening its services, Google has announced the following additions to its existing Google Primer application.  Now not only will the app continue to provide the existing services, but also a host of new features that includes mobile site design, programmatic buying, and search advertising, among others.

The application will be updated with new lessons each week in a bid to stay up to date with ever growing startup sector.

Google Primer aims to become a hub for marketers who are endowed with the burden of promoting their organization. The app will assist marketing professionals with lessons in online marketing tools which they can use on the Google platform.

The app provides a offline viewing feature where the users will be able to access videos without having to rely on the net coverage.

Google Primer also provides a community platform for like minded professionals to interact and share information. The users can save their progress along with useful content in their profiles.

For those already using the app, the elaborate lessons introduced today will fill out the gaps missing from the app.

Google states that it has designed the application with the help of industry experts. The content has been made to be understood even by a beginner and Google had specifically worked on this aspect to make the app accessible even to new entrants of the industry.

The shift from door to door to online marketing has been a difficult hurdle to cross for those well established in the industry. With the training kits, videos and lessons, Google is helping train professionals by sharing tough to master marketing tools of its platform with marketers who may find it a bit too technical to comprehend.


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