Siri, Apple, Apple Speakers

Siri, Apple’s amazing digital personal assistant just got a lot smarter now. In addition to the fact that Siri will always be listening to you on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus (cue- Google Now) running iOS 9, you now don’t need to bother about creating a ruckus after running into a roomful of iPhone owners and screaming “Hey Siri”. Your iPhone will now be able to distinguish your individual voice.

The feature is anything but new to be considered an actual innovation but whatever Apple does, people take it with devotion, right?

The feature is currently available for the iPad if it is plugged in and will come built-in with the latest iterations of the iPhone, the 6S and the 6S Plus.

It can be setup easily when you are enabling the “Hey Siri” function. iOS 9 will walk you through a brief voice training session that will ultimately result in the activation of the new feature. You simply have to say “Hey Siri” three times in a quiet location, answer a few questions, and the software will learn your own unique voice.


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