An announcement, which was perhaps more anticipated than the iPhone — a much needed for the rather neglected Apple TV. And let me be clear at the very first instance, with the latest Apple TV Overhaul — Apple, as has been with most of its device launches — does not disappoint you.

The new Apple TV is in fact, an all new device in itself. While it obviously is a successor to the previous models, you can take it as a complete new device, with new, top-notch hardware specs, high quality voice control and huge software upgrade.

The new Apple TV is powered by a 64-bit A8 chip, Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Infrared receiver. Also new is a remote control that includes both a touchpad and motion control.

The biggest announcement w.r.t. Apple TV , is the fact that it is getting its own App Store. Tim Cook quite rightly laid out his company’s vision with television “the future of television for us…is apps”. And standing true to his quote, Apple TV has got an App store which would might finally revive this dying, neglected piece of device.

And since it is getting an App Store, Apple TV is hence also getting its own set of developer tools, with a new SDK launched by Apple today.

The SDK however, is targeted specifically towards one genre of app developers — gamers. Apple wants to steal away users from consoles like Xbox or PS and wants people to play games on its revamped television set.

Launch partners for Apple TV 4 include platformer Rayman Adventures, racing title Asphalt 8, and party game Beat Sports. Apple Music will also be available through Apple TV, along with movies and TV shows like you’d expect.

Alongside support for apps and games and Siri, the Apple TV ships with a new remote that includes physical buttons, replaceable batteries, and a touchpad interface at the top.

Siri was another major focus of the entire launch announcement of Apple TV. With Siri, you are getting some seriously precise voice controls over your TV — to the extent that you can request specific episodes from numerous TV series, all with your voice.

While we will come to know more about Apple TV in coming months — as reviews start coming in — one thing is definite. This revamp — Apple TV’s biggest since the launch of the current design over half a decade ago could seriously help improve sales numbers for Apple, and improve its bottom line — something which is set to get affected as S models hardly gather a momentum as good as their original models.


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