Acer has today showcased a cute little PC called the Revo Build M1-601 — based on Lego-like modular concept. This means that you can modify the specifications of the system by replacing different blocks on a fixed base.

The concept is, in many ways, similar to Google’s Project Ara that was announced early last year, the only difference being that Ara targeted handhelds while Revo is designed for the desktop kind.

The unit itself is a small and compact Windows 10 based computer that can be easily expanded and customized as per the user’s needs. The base unit comes in with a low-powered Intel Pentium or Celeron chip, by default. You can then add modules over this to change the specs of the system. The modules that can be added, for now, according to the manufacturer, include external storage, audio modules (for using Cortana), projectors and a wireless charging plate that can also work as a mobile battery.

We saw a similar effort at bringing modular PCs to the mainstream by Razer last year via the infamous Project Christine.

The unit itself will become taller — the more powerful you try to make it. The module size basically increases with increase in its specification and the more the modules you add, the higher the system will reach. Each module connects to the base unit using magnetic coupling and pogo pins.

While the effort Acer has taken into bringing this emerging concept into the ever-changing market is commendable, you still can’t expect to get the LEGO-like PC for a small price. This unit will surely be heavy on most people’s pockets. But we cannot say anything until the official launch which is in October in EMEA and December in China, with prices expected at €199 and Y1,999, respectively.


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