Twitter-acquired six-second video looping platform Vine, has announced a set of new features that will allow Vine users to integrate music into their creations.

The video looping service has announced two new features, one of which is called ‘Snap To Beat’. With the help of this tool users can create seamless loops to the music tracks and then sync it with their video. STB recognizes the length of the song needed to create a loop and subsequently cuts the part and matches the sequence with that of the users video clip to create a perfect blend.

However, STB isn’t the only feature to be rolled out of Vine, there’s more treat for you.

The service has also launched a music discovery search list called Featured Tracks. The new feature makes it easier for users to discover new tracks. The listeners can choose the songs from the list and can add to their Vine’s playlist.

These new features have been launched on iOS and Android platforms and are available to users from today. Disappointingly, the creation tools for now, have been rolled out only for the iOS platform, but users can soon expect the Android launch as well.

Launching the new features Vine stated that “The impact of music on Vine extends beyond our phones, proving Vine is more than just an app. Dances like the Shmoney Dance and The Whip make their way off Vine and take on a life of their own, and soon the songs used in those vines climb the charts.”

To extend its reach to music fanatics, Vine had recently collaborated with Billboard, wherein the service was added to the Billboard Social 50 chart as a result of the partnership.

Earlier, Vine users had to rely on a different device to play music on Vine, but now Vine seems to have realized it’s shortcomings, by launching these new features that make adding music easier. Users can now sync music tracks from their phone to the Vine library as well.

But are you still someone who likes to see silent Vines ? Well, no issues. Vine has given users complete liberty on whether they wish to add music or not. You can opt-out of this feature anytime and continue using the older, mimer Vine.



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