YouTube has been sweating it out in its developmental labs to counter the popular game streaming service, Twitch and has indeed a solid, robust platform dedicated to gaming in Youtube Gaming. Starting today, YouTube Gaming will go live on the web, Android and iOS platforms. Many of its features though are sort of ‘inspired’ from Twitch.

YouTube claims that its game streaming platform offers faster and seamless gaming experience. The interface of the platform shows the users a list of featured channels and popular channels.

Gamers can also find the list of trending games through the Games tab and can even browse by channels through the Channels tab. Through the Games Tab, users can look for upcoming events and competitions taking place for a particular game.

YouTube Gaming also borrows some of the features from YouTube video channel. Already some of the channel’s of YouTube have now made home in YouTube Gaming channel section. Compared to its rival, Twitch, YouTube Gaming as of now offers no unique features, but it definitely gives a satisfying live streaming experience, and also provides for the ability to pause a live stream.

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Gamers eager to go online can find the NBA 2K15, Metal Gear Solid V, and Until Dawn among other expected series in the platform. Other games that can drive traffic into YouTube Gaming are the always popular Counter Strike series, along with DOTA.

YouTube, however, faces the tough task of replacing the name of Twitch from the gamer minds. Twitch has become an archetype for the live game streaming across the globe and its user-base is loyal. YouTube has to do more than just getting inspired from Twitch and bring in ground-breaking features that propel the gamers to choose its platform over Twitch.

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YouTube Gaming has without a doubt born with a silver spoon, as the service has Google supporting its rise, and not to mention the backing from its video streaming cousin.

YouTube had earlier made its intentions clear in June, when it announced the platform for streaming game videos. The launch seems to be an answer to the Amazon backed Twitch, which Google tried to acquire desperately last year, eventually losing out to Amazon.

To continue from where it had left, Google has already announced that YouTube Gaming will feature a mammoth 25,000 gaming title pages to give a tough competition to Twitch.

The YouTube Gaming platform is currently available on the web, and both iOS and Android.

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