Last year, Google released its cloud-based integration of the Kubernetes open-source software, the Google Container Engine. The service helps users in running and managing Docker containers on Google’s cloud platform. The service was then made available in open alpha in November.

Today, the tech giant announced that Container Engine is now open to general availability. Google also backs the feature with a 99.95 percent uptime SLA.

Google says that Container Engine simplifies managing and deploying containers for you and decreases your workload by a massive amount. For instance, Container Engine can help you create a managed cluster that’s ready for container deployment in just a few clicks. The service is also continually supervised by Google reliability engineers, so you don’t have to worry about cluster availability or software updates. Also, application management has also been made less of a chore through this service. The blog post announcing the new development reads:

Container Engine also makes application management easier.  Your cluster is equipped with common capabilities, such as logging and container health checking, to give you insight into how your application is running.  And, as your application’s needs change, resizing your cluster with more CPU or memory is easy.

The service will enable customers to run basic clusters with up to five virtual machines for free, and up to 100 virtual machines if they opt for the standard clusters that would cost them 1.5 cents an hour, according to the product’s web page.

Google also points out that as companies like Red Hat, Microsoft, IBM, Mirantis and VMWare start integrating Kubernetes into their platforms, developers will be able to move workloads or take advantage of multiple cloud providers, more easily. “Container Engine and Kubernetes provide you with flexibility, whether you use on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud infrastructure,” Craig Mcluckie, Google Product Manager writes in the blog post.


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