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Google Calendar Now Sets Reminders Automatically

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Google has announced a new feature that makes the Calendar smart enough to add new info automatically. Gone will be the days when you had to manually enter information related to your flight timings, hotel bookings etc in the Google Calendar and then had to delete it, if there was a change of plan.

With this new feature the business travellers and the not-so business travellers can just sit back while Calendar sets remainders by taking data from its cousin, Gmail.

In the coming weeks Gmail and Google Calendar will work together to make things easier on the go.

Google has specifically kept in mind the travelers who regularly take to the sky for their business appointments. Until now there wasn’t much of a difference between the table top calendar and the one in your smartphone and desktop, as you had to manually enter data into it.

With this new feature, Google Calendar will automatically fill out information related to your travel schedule, even going to the lengths of registering the flight numbers and check-in timings. Calendar does this task by working in tandem with Gmail.

Once you receive an email regarding your ticketing conformation and hotel bookings, the info will be subsequently registered in Calendar, which will set reminders about your schedule. If the schedule changes midway and you get a new mail regarding the cancelation or delay in flight timings, the data will be automatically fed into the Calendar, without the user having to worry about deleting anything from the Calendar.

Google has kept in mind the privacy of its users and has made sure that the added events are visible only to the Calendar owners. This feature  is, however, set as default and can be changed according to your preference. The users will also be able to delete any unwanted events and tweak the visibility settings. If you are annoyed by this automatic event update after a while, you can disable the feature through the Calendar settings.

The new feature will be set as default on your desktop and mobile applications and works for both iOS and Android platforms. With all said and done, the new feature is strictly not for Government domains.

The release date of this feature has been set for sometime next week, followed by a scheduled launch two weeks later.


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