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Twitter Updates Its DM Service, Web Users Will Now Get Direct Notifications

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Micro-blogging website Twitter has been bestowing a lot of its attention onto its direct messaging service recently. In January, we saw the website bringing in group messaging to its list of services and just a few days ago, we saw the social giant remove the 140 character limit on DMs, officially. Today, the web giant has announced that it’s bringing desktop notifications to its web users.

Direct Message notifications are now available on web. Opt in here to never miss a message:

— Twitter (@twitter) August 24, 2015

While most Twitter users utilize its benefits over smartphones and other handhelds (almost 80% of 316 million monthly active users), the share of users using Twitter over desktops is unknown. The target audience of this new service seem to be people from places where smartphone adoption isn’t rampant as of yet.

Using the service is quite easy, though. Just log onto the given web link and follow the instructions. When done, you will receive notifications on the top right side of the screen when a Direct Message is sent. Tapping on that will give you the option to read, reply etc to the DM.

Another change the social giant has announced today is an update to the direct message component of its Android app. You get a slightly different interface for the DM feature with prominent avatars of your contacts and a more personalized messaging space which places your most recent conversations up top. Below your most recent conversations, Twitter suggests more conversations you could be interested in starting.


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