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As more and more startups spring up in India’s ever-growing ecosystem, there obviously is a need to look after the social wellness factor in that corporate culture. ZooJoo.Be, a startup which provides an online platform for that very purpose and to make your workplace healthier, has just nabbed $1 Million from U.S.-based RoundGlass Partners. is a game based social wellness platform, that unites the workforce to form healthier habits. Its founders say, that the platform leverages on the tremendous power of the trusted social network at our workplaces to motivate employees to form healthier habits.

The startup was incubated for 18 months at NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, at IIM Bangalore.

The social wellness gamified platform currently claims to have over 35,000 users across companies such as Mindtree, Unisys, GE. ZooJoo.Be basically sets up good habits as goals which employees need to achieve in order to unlock the next level. Peer-to-peer competition is what motivates employees to perform better, and in turn learn healthier habits.

Employees can create their own teams with their buddies at work. Teams and communities increase social collaboration and helps them push each other to form better habits. ZooJoo.Be’s online and mobile tracking interface lets you, as an employee, track your commitment and progress across the challenges that you have taken.

As an admin of this entire platform, you get access to organizational level analytics on a comprehensive dashboard. You can also measure and control the impact of wellness on top line parameters like productivity, stress levels etc. has raised this funding along with HyperVerge, a startup dealing with deep learning tech to build image recognition solutions. HyperVerge announced a similar $1 Million funding yesterday.


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