Going premium was something Samsung had to do to get its place back in the smartphone market and this March, the Korean giant did just that. With the superior build qualities and out of the world specifications, Samsung took the market by storm making Apple fans themselves crave for the better spec’d Samsung flagships.

This was the comeback story of Sammy boy through the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge. Today, 5 months later, Samsung wants to push one of these phones into the larger phablet sector of the smartphone industry. The tech giant has today announced the Galaxy S6 Edge+ along with the latest iteration of their flagship phablet the Galaxy Note 5.

First things first, the S6 Edge was a great handset, to say the least. The sideways ‘edge’ display is quite a bit handy to everyone when it comes down to notifications and other special features. Now, Samsung is taking their flagship smartphone to a whole new level.

The new device houses a massive 5.7 inch display but guess what, it doesn’t add that much to the overall size of the phone. In fact, the phone feels quite great to be held in your hands as it is just 12mm longer and 5mm wider than the S6 Edge.

The new device is even slightly thinner than its previous version, measuring a mere 6.9 mm compared to the 7.0 mm-thick S6 Edge. It also weighs like a feather, just 153 grams to be precis.

Other than the size, you won’t find much difference in the handset if you compare it with its older brother. The devices are almost identical, both in looks and in specs.

You get the same premium build consisting of glass and metal along with identical sensors. You also get a 16 megapixel autofocus rear end camera, similar to its predecessor. The processor in this baby is also the same, it is powered by Samsung’s Exynos 7420 processor, 64-bit octo-core.

The device runs a new and improved version of Samsung’s Touchwiz launcher and scheme over Google’s Andoir 5.1 Lollipop making it much snappier and responsive than its predecessors.

The only differences you will find are the RAM which has been bumped to a massive 4GB along with a bigger storage space of 32GB or 64GB. Another improvement is the newer and slightly bigger 3000 mAh battery (still not removable).

Other small tweaks are related to the software of the smartphone, making the “People Edge” shortcut much more useful. Samsung has also introduced a new “Apps Edge,” which lets you quick-launch apps.

You can now live stream HD YouTube videos directly through the native camera app too. This could be a huge game changer as it will be fighting for dominance in a market led by the likes of Periscope.

The phone will be available initially in Black Sapphire and Gold Platinum colours. The pre-order of the phone starts from today and it will be available in the USA, unlocked and from carriers, on August 21. As of the pricing, it costs $814.99 for the 32GB version (off-contract) while the 64GB version costs $914.99 (off-contract) via At&T.


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