When Samsung unveiled their first Galaxy Note phablet, no one quite knew how to receive this new genre in handhelds. According to Samsung, the new line of handhelds was specifically meant for people who are more into media and data consumption. And four years down the line, the NOTE series, despite Samsung’s other failures, continues to shine

The phablet line from Samsung was welcomed each year with open arms by both users as well as developers. Taking this as a positive note (no pun intended!), Samsung has today let wild two new phablets into the ever-growing smartphone industry: the Note 5 and the Edge+.

While both these devices may look a bit different when it comes to ergonomics, they are almost clones when it comes down to specs. The Note 5 (like its predecessors) houses a 5.7 inch quad HD display, which we could presume is Samsung’s standard size for phablets as all its older brothers also lined up at the same screen size. The design of the new Note can be described as a cross between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the last year’s Note 4.

The phone is powered by the same octacore Samsung Exynos processor as the S6, though we get a higher 4GB of RAM this time. Storage comes in two variants, the lower 32GB version and the higher 64GB one. Surprisingly, Samsung hasn’t introduced a 128GB model for its bigger handheld.

There is also a 3000 mAh battery which is comparatively smaller than the last year’s device, but the newer variant allows both wireless and quick charging this time around, so we hope it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to battery performance.

The Note device wouldn’t be complete without its signature S-Pen stylus and the Note 5 doesn’t miss a beat in that too, bringing the new stylus with a host of new features.

Other features of the Note 5 are the same as the S6 Edge+, just a few software tweaks here and there including the ability to live stream YouTube videos directly from the native camera app (that’s just wow). The overall size of the device is, surprisingly, less than the previous iterations in its line of phablets and it’s even slightly thinner and lighter.

The Note 5 is set to hit the market, along with its blood brother, the S6 Edge+, on August 21st. It will be available in Black and Gold colour options. The phone will be available via AT&T (off-contract) at a price of $739.99 for the 32 GB model, and $839.99  for the 64 GB model.


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