Last month, Microsoft had hinted an update scheduled a few weeks from then that would bring forward a few of Windows 10’s features to the devices powered by their ARM based hardware running Windows RT. This was done following the tech giant’s announcement stating that ARM-based systems (primarily the Surface line) were not hardwired to support Windows 10 and thus wouldn’t see the upgrade to the latest coming to them.

Speculation had it that even though not all of the latest OS’s features would be ported, most of the exciting packs would be available to RT users after a few weeks from the Windows 10 official rollout. As promised, the Redmond giant has officially confirmed this news, according to a recently updated Microsoft Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, first spotted by WMPU. The statement clearly points out that the Windows RT update is scheduled to be unveiled in September of 2015 so we aren’t too far from the update.

The features that are to be ported (for now) are a revamped Windows 10-styled Start Menu and an updated Lock Screen. That’s all that has been stated for now but we could expect a few other features to surely make their way through to this new Windows RT update.

Earlier we had reported that rumoured features that were to be ported to WIndows RT included Edge, Continuum and a better Store. These can still be expected as they aren’t so hardware heavy and ARM based devices might just be able to handle them. Other features including Hello, Cortana, the new Windows Media Player, Windows Media Center, HomeGroup creation and so on require a bit more of a hassle when it comes down to sheer hardware power and so it will not be wrong if we ask you not to get your hopes high regarding these software packs.

The FAQ that announces thee update reads:

What about Windows RT?

If you’re running Windows RT, your device won’t upgrade to Windows 10. We will have an update available in September 2015 that will improve the Start menu and lock screen. Check Windows Update on your Windows RT device to make sure it is ready to download the update when available.

That’s all the good new there is. Time for the bad news.

Microsoft says that RT users won’t be able to run Universal Windows apps on their system regardless of the unified Windows 10 Store. The store will feature apps built for ARM-based Windows Phones and yet to be announced small ARM-based tablets running Windows 10 Mobile but the Universal Windows apps service leaves out RT.

A spokesperson said:

Surface (RT, Surface 2 and third-party ARM-based Windows PCs and tablets) only run apps built for RT and not Universal Windows Apps. There are lots of apps that work on RT, so they’ll be able to continue to enjoy apps, games, music and movie content.

When a customer goes to the Windows Store, they should be able to buy anything they want for their device, not just universal apps. That includes movies, productivity software, games and more. Moving forward, the Windows Store will be the place where people can turn to get software, content and apps they want, in a simple and curated way. Today there are millions of software programs for Windows, and we hope to see as many as possible in the Windows Store.

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