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PornHub Wants To Re-Define Premium Quality Adult Content With ‘PornHub Premium’

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This is tough you know — reporting such stories in India (does it even make sense ?). But then, India is a significant market for the adult entertainment industry, and Pornhub is a huge tech-driven company (processing 6000TBs of data daily!), the news does make sense.

PornHub, one of the largest (and best?) adult video streaming websites the Internet is home to, today announced that it’s launching a new feature dubbed ‘PornHub Premium‘ (strictly NSFW!) which, as the name suggests, will allow users to gain access to unlimited ad-free, high quality adult stuff on the website.

The service subscription will cost you $9.99 per month (what?) which is around 640 INR. And while no one has, as of yet, figured out how to make people pay for porn (I mean come on, you get what you want for free online as it is, don’t you?), PornHub Vice President, Corey Price thinks otherwise.

Do we expect people to pay for porn? Absolutely. People pay for Spotify Premium, Pandora One, and Hulu Plus – why not something similar in the adult entertainment category.

said Price.

Again we have a huge daily traffic, and while we don’t expect 100% uptake, we do know that we can expect (based on previous registration numbers for the first iteration of our paid version) a sizable amount of people to be interested in checking the platform out.

So, in short, Price thinks that the Premium feature is going to be a cherry topping on PornHub’s already vast but free business. That’s a good thought, right ?

Now let’s see why you should pay 640 INR just to watch a bit of porn. First things first, you get Full HD unlimited video access at uncapped speeds. Imagine that! While PornHub already features HD quality videos in its free section, the speeds are capped so you might encounter a bit of stuttering and rendering while watching something on the website.

The second thing you should know is that the service will get rid of all those annoying buggers we call ads. No distractions, no redirecting links, nothing. Your streaming experience will be flawless!

Thirdly and most importantly, as a premium user, PornHub will provide you access to exclusive content. That’s seriously something worth considering.

For us, the benefit is establishing ourselves as the official ‘Netflix’ of porn. We want to carve out our own niche in the streaming ecosystem. No other companies have really come out on the forefront of this vertical of streaming service. So yes, part of it is a branding power play, but this is also about showcasing our capacity for innovation and staying on the cutting edge of current tech trends – showing people we can adapt,

said Price.

It’s clear that Price wants PornHub to define premium quality adult content and become the ‘Netflix’ for porn. The service will be launched today and they are offering a 7-day free trial. You also get instant cancellation in case you find yourself stuck on your computer/mobile phone all day.

Apparently, PornHub is working on Android and Roku apps for release in the near future, which will be great considering the fact that dedicated applications bring more features in tow. Also, if you promise not to die of a heart attack right now, I would like to take the pleasure of informing you that your favourite porn website is also planning to augment the existing service with VR integration in 2016. (wink! wink!)


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