Apple Music is coming to Android, its a known fact. But it looks like the company isn’t just launching Apple Music on Android. A new job listing on Apple’s Careers section indicates towards possible roll-out of even more Android apps from the Cupertino giant.

The job posting, first reported by 9to5Mac, is inviting applications for “SW Engineer-Android” and was posted on Apple’s site Tuesday.

We’re looking for engineers to help us bring exciting new mobile products to the Android platform.

said the job listing on Apple’s site. This implies Android ambitions beyond its Music streaming app and its Android-to-iOS switcher Move. development of the aforementioned apps should already be midway in progress if we expect the company to release it on schedule, so that again points to the fact that Apple is planning to ‘delve deeper’ into Android.

The obvious unanswered question though, that arises at this point of time is — which apps Apple is planning to port to Android? Apple is known to keep its first-party services confined to its platforms, but it’s never too late.

One obvious guess would be iMessage, which if on the Play Store, would hugely benefit from the increased user base apart from the iOS and Macs. We Android users could even be having Safari, FaceTime, iCloud, who knows?

There have been exceptions earlier as well, when Apple brought the iTunes (post initial refusals) and Safari to Windows in 2003 and 2007 respectively. Tim Cook said in 2013 he had “no religious issue” with bringing Apple apps to Android, but he’d only do so if it made sense.

The platforms are known for taking cues from each other. The Android Music app will feature Google’s Material Design and not iOS’s trademark design and Google apps on iOS too sport a dash of iOS elements.

It’s actually good to see the company willing to adapt accordingly. After all, Google too has had its first-party services on iTunes for years(some of them look better on iOS, I’ve heard them say), so why not Apple?

Do share in the comments section if you’ve got any particular iOS exclusive app in mind which you want to see on the Play Store. Meanwhile, we’re sure this development will garner healthy speculation amongst the press. We’ll keep you updated.


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