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A New Windows 10 Update ‘Package’ Is Out, Clubs All Previously Released Updates Into One

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Microsoft has today dropped a fresh Windows 10 update ‘package’ (thats what folks at Redmond are calling it) which is basically a clubbing of all previously released updates, which were dished out to Windows Insiders. Strangely though, Microsoft hasn’t given any information on changes/updates/enhancements which come along with this build.

Along with the update, all that Microsoft has come up with, is this :

This update is available from Windows Update. When you turn on automatic updating, this update will be downloaded and installed automatically.

So yeah, nothing there.

Windows 10 updates are cumulative. Therefore, this package contains all previously-released fixes . If you have installed previous updates, only the new fixes that are contained in this package will be downloaded and installed to your computer.

However, do note, that this update will probably not give you much if you’ve been in that long-running Windows Insiders program, largely because you might already have these updates dished out in the latest build. Those who just migrated to Windows 10 after the July 29 shebangs, there might be a few small updates that’ll come up with this package.

Microsoft says (and no, its not Gabe Aul anymore) that there are no prerequisites for installing this update, and this will simply replace a July 29 released update, which came along with the public release of Windows 10.

This brief analysis by TechCrunch’s Alex Wilhelm might give you a bit more info regarding this update :

  • 45 updated things that were originally updated on August 2.
  • 761 updated things that were originally updated on June 18.
  • Lots of other things from other dates.

As you must already be aware, Microsoft will be dishing out Windows 10 updates on a continuous basis with Windows now becoming a software-as-a-service thing. That means, you won’t get entirely new, revamped versions of Windows now, with just regular major/minor updates to your current OS.

Anyways, a little more context isn’t much of a task for Microsoft, is it ?

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